Garnethill Displaced Residents

This page contains information useful to Garnethill residents evacuated from their homes as a result of the Mackintosh fire June 2018. Content will be updated as new information/feedback becomes available.


City Council Support and Hotline

City Council Officers will be at the Dental Hospital education centre 10am – 4pm weekdays
You can also call the information line on 0141 287 0416

Support for Impacted Businesses

Glasgow City Council representatives will be available at Savoy Tower, Level 2, 140 Sauchiehall St to answer questions from businesses. Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm


Traffic Redirection

Sections of Sauchiehall Street and Garnethill remain cordoned off around the Mackintosh Building. Please see this PDF for a detailed map of the traffic redirection (zoom in for a better view).

Resident Parking Permits

Due to the fire in Garnethill, some residents may have been displaced from where they usually park. To help, your resident permit is now valid in Glasgow City Centre, Park, Woodlands and Woodside.

Redirected Mail

“We are holding all the mail at the G1-5 delivery office. As long as residents bring ID which has their address on it, their mail can be collected.

We would be happy to set up a central point to deliver mail to as we have done in other occasions like this. for example in Kilmarnock when there was flooding and we delivered all mail to a community centre.

I suspect it would be up to the council to do this as well as helping residents get ID if they haven’t got their ID. This could be a letter from the council which says the person lives at xxx address.

Ill also look into a free redirection for residents which I have done before in cases of extreme flooding etc. this can be to a friends/family address or a new address if they are rehoused but it would be helpful if you can let me know about how many people it affects.
Very sad about the art school.

Kind regards
Julie Pirone”

Dedicated Facebook Page

Please visit this page:

Dedicated Mailing List

If you are a displaced resident not already on this, then please request to join by emailing

Scottish Welfare Fund

If you have been displace by the fire and in need of assistance then you can contact the SWF on 0141 276 1177

Internet Access and Office Space

Garnethill Multicultural Centre have generously offered wifi internet access and use of office space for those who have been displaced by the fire.