Garnethill Community Council

Garnethill Community Council are several local residents whose aim is to ascertain, co-ordinate, and express to Glasgow City Council the views of the Garnethill community.

The CC meetings are held 7pm on the second Thusday of every month in the Multicultural Centre on Rose Street, unless advertised differently. Residents are encouraged to mark the date in your calendar and to go along and take part. Also you can get information, events, notices, and news directly from the CC run page on Facebook

Garnethill Community Council

or make contact by email:

Community Councillors

At the election in October 2018, the following residents were elected onto Garnethill Community Council (names listed alphabetically by surname):

office name associate member
Beckett, Bill
Dasgupta, Anita
Duncan, Louise
Harte, Daniel
Hytiris, Nora
McCrorie, Rhi
Mulholland, Lesley
Sutherland, Jane
Watt, Margaret
Wynne, Hugh



Community Council Legislation

City Councillors

Member of Scottish Parliament (Holyrood)

Member of Parliament (Westminster)

Community Police Officers (Police Scotland)

Session 2018 Meetings

  • 13-Nov-2018
  • 13-Dec-2018

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