Mackintosh Fire 2018 – Holyrood Committee Report

Chair of GSA in office overlooking Mackintosh Building after fire

Chair of GSA in office overlooking Mackintosh Building after fire

Following the second fire at the Mackintosh Building in June 2018 that resulted in the almost complete destruction of the building, leaving little more than ruins, the Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament was tasked with considering:

– fire risk management and the Mackintosh building prior to the 2014 fire
– fire safety during the Mackintosh Building Restoration Project
– Governance issues
– the role of Historic Environment Scotland
– the future of the Mackintosh Building

The committee’s full official report is available here as a PDF (approx 1.4Mb). Your browser might open it in a new tab, or you can right-click and save it to your pc/mac:

Mackintosh Fire – Holyrood Committee Report (full)

Many thanks are due to MSP Sandra White, MSP Pauline McNeil, and MSP Joan McAlpine along with several others, for their tireless efforts in investigating the relevant issues and for publishing their thoughtful analysis in the best interests of the wider community.

Please note that the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service are due to issue their own findings and that these have not been issued at the time of writing.

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