Mackintosh Fire Update – 10th July 2018

Official Update from City Council on Mackintosh Fire (text only):

Exclusion zone

The Glasgow School of Art has contractors on site to dismantle sections of the building – and we expect that work to get fully underway this afternoon {Tuesday].
This is extremely challenging and potentially hazardous work and it is essential that the public respects the exclusion zone, which is there to protect their safety.

Sauchiehall Lane

The council has begun work on minor upgrades in Sauchiehall Lane, which has seen increased use since the fire.
A number of local businesses and residents had raised concerns about the surface and lighting in the private lane, which remains open.
They had also asked the council not to divert pedestrians to Bath Street, which would push them further away from businesses that remain open outside the exclusion zone.
In the interests of safety, improvements to the lane’s surface and lighting are now underway.

Contacting us

Over the last few weeks, many of you will have picked up a variety of phone numbers and email addresses for various people and teams across the council.
That’s normal, in the circumstances, but does pose some problems. For example, individual officers may be on leave when you try and contact them – and there is also a risk that we may not always have a full picture of your circumstances.
To try and make your contact with us as simple, consistent and helpful as possible, we have established a dedicated email address for all enquiries.
We will also continue to use the dedicated phone line 0141 287 0416.
Of course, we appreciate that many of you also tend to deal with us face-to-face; either at meetings or by dropping in to see staff at the Dental Hospital.

Hardship fund

Financial support for residents displaced by the fire at The Glasgow School of Art and Sauchiehall Street is being dispersed via the Lord Provost’s Trust for Vulnerable Citizens.
A payment of £3,000 – funded by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government – is available to households within the current exclusion zone, who are unable to access their homes.
The Trust was chosen as the vehicle to administer the funding because charitable donations do not adversely impact on any means-tested benefits.
If your household has not been in touch with us yet, call 0141 287 0416.

Insurance issues

Displaced residents can ask for a copy of Council Tax bills if they need paperwork to prove residence.
Staff at the Council’s service desk in John Street will be able to print off a bill, or give residents access to a self-service PC.
Please be aware that, for data protection reasons, staff will go through a checklist of questions with residents prior to providing the paperwork.
We can also provide letters to businesses to confirm their premises is within an official exclusion zone. Speak to advisers at the Dental Hospital or on 0141 287 0416.
New traffic arrangements

PICTURE: Copyright Ordnance Survey
 You can download a detailed map of road closures and traffic arrangements here. [1Mb]

New traffic arrangements for the Sauchiehall St and Garnethill area remain in place.
The arrangements mean restricted access to local and service vehicles is now provided to Renfrew Street and Sauchiehall Street up to the east and west sides of the cordon at Dalhousie Street and Scott Street respectively
Both Scott Street and Dalhousie Street are fully closed from just south of Sauchiehall Street until the unnamed lane that runs between the Reid Building at Glasgow School of Art building and St Aloysius College. Local access to Holland Street, Pitt Street, Douglas Street, Rose Street and Sauchiehall Lane is now in place.
The one way street on Buccleuch Street has been reversed, which will enable traffic to move around Garnethill again and exit the area on to West Graham Street. Residents in the Garnethill area can access parking places that were previously blocked off by the wider cordon.
The diversion for motorists travelling east on Sauchiehall Street remains in place. This takes drivers via Elmbank Street, St Vincent St, Pitt Street and West George Street before turning north into Hope Street.
Vehicles travelling west on Bath Street can enter Blythswood Street to travel northbound.
Some residents may have been displaced from where they usually park. To help, your resident permit will be valid in Glasgow City Centre, Park, Woodlands and Woodside.

Mackintosh Fire – Update July 10th 2018 (PDF opens in new window)


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