Chookie Burdies watch over Garnethill

You may have wandered the streets of Garnethill for many a journey and yet not noticed the avian adornments atop many of the lampposts and lights attached to buildings. Back in 1993 the Glasgow Development Agency together with Strathclyde Regional Council commissioned a lighting scheme for Garnethill, resulting in around three hundred sculpted “Chookie Burdies” being placed onto lampposts located around The Hill. Each bird is individually positioned so that every lamppost is different from the next one!

This silent choir of Chookie Burdies have been keeping an eye over The Hill for almost twenty-five years now, and the Garnethill Community is grateful to the East Kilbride based sculptor Shona Kinloch, GSA alumnus, who created the flock and gave them a home here.


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