Garnethill Community Council – July 2017

This month’s meeting of Garnethill Community Councillors will take place 7:30pm Tuesday 11th July in the Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street.

Whilst a draft agenda has been drafted:

  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Police Report
  • Garnethill Park progress and Bread Oven
  • Councillor Reports
  • AOCB

the main topic of discussion will be the Garnethill Bread Oven Project. Several will have attended a meeting in the Park a few Fridays ago when some strong opinions were voiced. Following much discussion, the proposal is now that:

  • the construction will now be put on hold until September
  • the oven will be moved further to the left in the park
  • the oven will be reduced in size

There is printed information in the foyer of the Garnethill Multicultural Centre if you are able to pop in and take a look.

GBO Details-to-print (PDF)

Please note that all drawings and visualisations are by Máté Géhberge.

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