Ogilvie Planning Application – Site Adjacent to 150 Hill Street

15/02515/DC | Erection of residential block containing 23 units, with associated external works, including formation of bin store. Block partially constructed under decision notice 04/01764/DC for 12 flats (Ground Floor/Basement concrete and steelwork complete). New proposal extends block around original stair core to provide 30 sq.m approx additional residential floorspace – Variation of Condition No. 1 (11/02921/DC) – Addition of cantilevered bays to north and south elevations of Block 5. | Site Adjacent To 150 Hill Street Glasgow

The planning application by Ogilvies for the site next to the Tenement House was discussed by the November meeting of the Community Council. The Community Council have concerns about this application and have produced material for any resident who would also like to make an objection before the closing date of Tuesday 24th November.

Please see below a template letter for this planning application – the document also includes details of where to send it and the lists of ‘material’ and ‘non-material’ grounds.

Ogilvies Planning Application – Template Objection Letter

It’s subdivided into the different material grounds for objection categories so people can easily add and remove points as they wish – I’m sure everyone will have different things they’re particularly keen on.

Many thanks to Associate Community Councillor K Mackinnon for producing these materials.

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