Collectors and Artists of Garnethill at Doors Open Day

Image courtesy of Glasgow Museums/Doors Open Day.

Image courtesy of Glasgow Museums/Doors Open Day.

The Glasgow Doors Open Day festival is taking place between the 15th and the 21st September, and gives you the chance to see inside a huge range of fascinating buildings and spaces across the city. We’ll be choosing some of our particular highlights in Garnethill and beyond over the next few weeks, starting with a tour on the theme of Collectors and Artists on Garnethill and Blythswood Hill.

 In the 19th century, many of Glasgow’s renowned artists, collectors and patrons lived, worked and studied in the detached and terraced houses in Garnethill and Blythswood Hill. Among them were Archibald McLellan, Joseph Henderson, and John and Jane Graham Gilbert.

Although a large part of Garnethill remains residential, the majority of terraced houses in the Blythswood Hill district are used for commercial purposes, ranging from banks and insurance firms, to hotels, restaurants and bars. In the 19th century, many of Glasgow’s wealthy manufacturers, businessmen and industrialists lived in the Blythswood area, along with their families. One of the most famous was William Euing. He lived on West George Street, and, looking at the house from the outside, today, it is interesting to think that it once was home, not only to one of the city’s great cultural benefactors, but also housed his remarkable library, most of which is now in Glasgow University Library, and a collection of paintings which he gifted and bequeathed to the civic collection. Many of the properties included in the walks have equally fascinating histories.

This hour-long tour begins at 114 Hill Street at the following dates and times (September): 

Mon 15th – 11am

Wed 17th – 2pm

Fri 19th – 11am 

Sun 21st – 2pm

More details on this tour and on all the events on as part of this festival of Glasgow’s built heritage can be found on the Doors Open Day website.


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