Greening The Hill – Your ideas wanted!

Garnethill in bloom - spotted outside the Multicultural Centre

Garnethill in bloom – spotted outside the Multicultural Centre

A group of green-fingered Garnethill residents (and the author, merciless destroyer of houseplants) gathered on Wednesday night to cast an eye over the site for the new community garden on Garnethill Street. 

The space has recently been cleared up with the help of the Council, which really lets you see the size and shape of the plot of land properly. Take a walk past and check it out – a blank canvas at the moment but imagine vines climbing up walls, flowers everywhere, demonstration vegetable plots and much more.

The Artists using Resources in the Community project from Glasgow School of Art have secured permission to use the site for a year initially, with plans to take out a longer-term lease after this if possible. This is a collaborative project between the Art School and the local community, and we need your ideas and suggestions for the space! 

Ideas discussed at the initial meeting included:

  • Composting facilities 
  • Workshops
  • Demonstration vegetable plots
  • Living green sculptures
  • A bread oven 
  • Bee-friendly wildflowers
  • Communal herbs for the kitchens of Garnethill
  • A sensory garden 

A key aim for the garden is to give people the opportunity to come and learn about growing and gardening, and helping folk put what they’ve learned into practice in their own gardens. For example, cuttings and seeds from the community garden would be available for people to use in their own gardens, window boxes or indoors. 

Details of upcoming meetings will be posted on this website and on the community noticeboards and local shops, so come along and share your ideas and wishes for the space. You can also email the team with your thoughts, or for any further information: 


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