Community Meeting Part 2 – Sports Complex proposed by St.Aloysius College

It was amazing to see so many neighbours and residents turn out once more at short notice, and good to see some new faces too!

It was suggested that residents objections letters be shared on this site, so we can help each other as a community (however it is appreciated that some would prefer not to share), please email to:

It would be much appreciated if you could send your objection as a MS Word or PDF attachment as this would save a lot of time.

The email address to use for sending to the City Council is:

but remember to request a delivery reciept or include the text “Please acknowledge receipt of my letter of objection”.

Note I have removed any personal information, to share just the points of objection:

Letter to planning ref 14-00487-DC St Aloyisius sports complex

2 – Planning Objection 14-04-2014.ANON






It has also been suggested that residents might wish to email St.Aloysius College, stating the fact that you are unhappy with the proposed build on the proposed site and that there is a dispute over the ownership of the land involved. The following contacts were taken from their web site

“Admissions Manager Margaret Wright Tel: 0141 331 9269” <>
“Director of Development   Caroline Notman Tel: 0141 331 9274” <>
“Communications Manager   Laura McLachlan Tel: 0141 331 9238” <>
“Senior Depute Head Master   Mr F Reilly Tel: 0141 331 9213” <>
“Assistant Head (Pastoral)   Mrs I Erskine Tel: 0141 331 9226” <>
“Assistant Head (Christian Formation)   Mrs K Devlin” <>
“Assistant Head   Mr M O’Duffin Tel: 0141 331 9231” <>
“Assistant Head   Mr F McWilliams Tel: 0141 331 9240” <>
“Head of S1   Mrs K McMahon Tel: 0141 331 9250” <>
“Head of S2   Mrs G Hartshorne Tel: 0141 331 9250” <>
“Head of S3   Mrs E McQuade Tel: 0141 331 9230” <>
“Head of S4   Mr R Ferrie Tel: 0141 331 9230” <>
“Head of S5   Mrs R Piggot Tel: 0141 331 9220” <>
“Head of S6   Mr M Giroux Tel: 0141 331 9220” <>
“Director of Sport   Mr D Tearney Tel: 0141 331 9275” <>
“Head of Outdoor Education   Mr D Bagshaw Tel: 0141 331 9217” <>
“Senior School Chaplain
Fr M Smith Tel: 0141 331 9216” <>
“Head of Junior School   Dr A Brady Tel: 0141 331 9200” <>
“Head of Juniors   Mrs F Davidson Tel: 0141 331 9242” <>
“Head of Early Years   Mrs M Forbes Tel: 0141 331 9296” <>
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