St. Aloysius College – Proposed Sports Complex

Thanks to all who attended the meeting earlier this evening, Thursday 10th April. We are all much more informed as to the full extent of this planned development, and it was good to see so many residents and neighbours turn out at such short notice.

John Kraska has very helpfully found the URL to the City Council page for this application, where the relevant plans can be viewed and downloaded:

Note that the planning reference must be used on all correspondence:


Here is a list of the points of objection that we came up with (my own notes, Jane may have more):

1. Loss of light (residential amenity) eg have to put light on in daytime.
2. Loss of privacy (residential amenity) eg have school windows peering in.
3. Increase in the volume of traffic, as children are dropped off or collected.
4. There is no benefit to the community, since the use of the facility is exclusive to those families who have school pupils at this school.
5. Fire access for emergency vehicles.
6. Does this proposal meet the requirements of the current City Plan, being located in a defined Conservation Area (scale, mass, and density).
7. Loss of parking spaces.
8. Removal of greenery, since there is at least one tree on the site (located behind the GMC).
9. Building works causing structural damage to neighbouring tenement properties.
10. An independent environmental survey should be carried out, with results made available to the community.
11. The proposed plan extends into property not owned by St.Aloysius ie an illegal land grab.
12. Antisocial noise affecting quality of life for residents, due to operating hours being defined as 8am to 9pm Mon-Fri, and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.
13. Determine if any resident did not receive a neighbourhood notification, who should have.

Feel free to use any, or all of these when composing your letter of objection. If you come up with any others then please let us know and the above list can be updated.

Our next steps include:

— arrange a subsequent meeting (confirmed for 7pm Monday 14th in the GMC)
— contact with City Councillors and Elected Representatives
— a single email address for you to get in touch with the Community Council

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