Summer Theatre in Garnethill 2013

Cardboard Fox Theatre image

This summer we are fortunate to have a varied and accessible programme of theatre taking place in Garnethill courtesy of the Cardboard Fox Theatre Company, including performances of modern works in Garnethill Park and the GMC, as well as free theatre workshops taking place for residents. The live performance dates of “I’ll Keep the Light” start at 7:30pm:

Friday      19th July performance in GMC
Saturday 20th July performance in Garnethill Park
Sunday    21th July performance in Garnethill Park
Friday     26th July performance on GMC

Please note that the play is suitable for 14+ years of age.

The workshop dates are:

1, 8, 15 August

Shakespeare for Kids (and parents)
1, 8, 22, 29 August

Greek Theatre
22, 29 August & 5 September

Introduction to Shakespeare (for adults)
14, 21, 28 August & 4 September

Note that all workshop classes are 6 – 8 pm and will be held in the GMC. If you wish to book a place then email See the Summer Theatre 2013 GMC Classes Flyer for full details of the workshops.

The art of storytelling goes back to ancient times and can be traced from Greek and Roman works, through timeless Shakespeare, and up to more modern pieces such as I’ll Keep the Light. Many of Shakespeare’s works can be obtained for for your Nook, Kindle, or iPad from the Feedbooks community platform, these ebooks are freely available for personal use and are ready formatted for your device:

Another accessible route for a fresh perspective on Shakespeare is the recent BBC R4 programme My Own Shakespeare, which is still available on MP3 podcast:

Whatever you do this summer in Garnethill, make sure you and your family do not miss out on the excellent programme of theatre workshops and live outdoor performances, which might best be described as a dish fit for the gods.

Many thanks to Michael-Alan Read and his colleagues from the Cardboard Fox Theatre Company who have worked hard to make this programme happen.

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