Sighthill Stone Circle Talk – 20th June 2013

This Thursday 20th June at 7pm we are fortunate to have Duncan Lunan, architect of the Sighthill Stone Circle, give a talk in the Ogilvie Centre, St. Aloyisius Church, 25 Rose Street, Garnethill G3 6RE. Sighthill Stone Circle was the first stone circle to be build in Great Britain in over 3000 years, and aligned using astronomic principles. The talk will be followed by a visit to the Stone Circle (approx 20min walk), weather permitting, to experience the sunset at around 21:55 — in past years this has been an almost magical experience. Duncan is also an author and copies of his latest book “Children from the Sky” will available.

stones 03 duncan 01

stones 04 stones 01

Nothwithstanding, Glasgow City Council have a proposal on the table to bulldoze the Stone Circle as part of a public consultation that concludes in July 2013. There will be opportunity to contribute towards the campaign to save Sighthill Stone Circle — please help Save our Stones!

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