Community Council Meeting – Tuesday 12th March 2013

The March meeting of Garnethill Community Council will take place 7:30pm Tuesday 12th March in the Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street. The agenda is as follows:

1.   Minutes of previous meeting
2.   Police Report
3.   Art School Development
4.   Billy’s Shop
5.   Garnetbank Primary School Security
6.   Pedestrian Subway at New City Road
7.   State of Roads around Garnethill
8.   Treasurer’s Report
9.   Secretary’s Report
10.  Councillors’ Reports
11.  AOCB

Why not checkout the latest planning applications available below:

FEB06_2013WL (applications declared 6th –> 12th February)

FEB13_2013WL (applications declared 13th –> 19th February)

FEB20_2013WL (applications declared 20th –> 12th February)

Wee tip: search for ‘Anderston’ or ‘Garnethill’ within the PDF

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