Glasgow City Council Elections 2012 – Ward 10 Anderston & City

The City Council elections taking place on Thursday 3rd May are the first in five years and offer us the residents of Garnethill the opportunity to cast our votes for the candidates we want to represent us. This election is the first such stand-alone poll in 17 years and it is important that consideration is given to local issues when deciding on who to vote for, for example:

  • you may have reservations about the planning applications that have been granted since 2007, and would like a representative (or two) who will advocate in the best interests of Garnethill residents;
  • being aware that Garnethill is the only city centre neighbourhood without any CCTV coverage, you would like a representative who takes community safety seriously and who will take responsibility for ensuring that this is implemented in order to make Garnethill Park safe once again for families and residents to enjoy;
  • you have concerns that Garnethill is becoming a dumping ground for social projects, and feel that Garnethill already has more than its fair share;
  • you wonder why some parts of Garnethill appear run-down, and would like to know when will Garnethill receive the same treatment as those city centre communities which have had millions of pounds expended on designer street architecture?

The list of candidates for Anderston & City, which covers Garnethill, was made public on 30th April 2012. The eleven candidates are (in alphabetical order of surname), with the current City Councillors highlighted:

Scottish Green Party

BARNES, David Scott
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Scottish Labour Party


DOCHERTY, Martin John
Scottish National Party (SNP)

Pirate Party Scotland

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Party (SNP)

Scottish Labour Party

MCDOWELL, Alexander
Glasgow First

ROBERTSON, John Moir Bingham

See the public notice for Glasgow City 2012 Elections – Notice of Poll.

As in 2007 there are four City Councillors to be elected, using the Single Transferable Voting system, in which we as electors rank candidates in order of preference. More details on this are available on The Electoral Commission’s website. If you are unsure whether you are currently registered, or would prefer a postal vote, then get in touch with the Electoral Registration Office as soon as possible:

Glasgow City Council (Electoral Registration Office)
Richmond Exchange
20 Cadogan Street
G2 7LP

0141 287 4444

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