No change to 134 Renfrew St. plans

Despite the Planning Application Committee delaying the decision on the student flats at 134 Renfrew St, the developer Inehaze has failed to make any changes to the controversial plan.

The main issue being considered by the committee is the effect the development would have on the existing building line of Rose St. The developer has citied financial concerns and engineering difficulties as reasons for why they cannot respect the present building line.

The ongoing story is also drawing more media attention, with another article appearing in the Evening Times:

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One Response to No change to 134 Renfrew St. plans

  1. Alice Gundry says:

    Some Colleges in Glasgow are losing their licences for foreign students in an attempt to stem the false diploma/qualifications racket. The Rose Street project earmarked for foreign students might now shift to home-growns. A loud protest not that long ago barred support facilities for sufferers of social inequalities. I wonder if any one will object to yet another student residence in Garnethill? Residents don’t have any say in the matter, do they?

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